Q. Why should I go for rubber paving over other surfaces?
A. Rubber paving should be considered for its advantages. No more salting, no more slipping, no more cracking, easy snow shoveling, eye catching, long lasting, and on top being a recycled product.

Q. I want to see a local installation in person. Can I?
A. Yes you can. We have several customers who installed a recycled rubber surface within HRM, and have willingly expressed interest to share their experience with you.

Q. How long does rubber paving last?

A. Our first rubber paved driveway for example, is 18 years old and still singing and dancing. Every year our promised life time will increase by one extra year.

Q. How long does it take to finish a job?
A. Our team is capable of paving around 1,000 sq.ft. per day. A typical driveway can be completed in one working day (8-9 hours), and then we need around 24 hours for curing before you can step on.

Q. Do I need to salt my rubber paved surface?
A. Absolutely NO. This will become history. However, even if you do, it’s no harm.

Q. How can I remove snow off my driveway?
A. Continue following your old practice as is. Snow blowers are 100% safe. You will quickly realize also how easier it becomes to slide snow shovel on your new surface.We only recommend you don’t intentionally bang with sharp metal objects.

Q. How much does rubber paving cost?
A. Each job is different and depends on the quantity of material required, selection of colors, required designs, and some other factors. Regardless, you can consider rubber paving to rank second in cost after asphalt, and less expensive than both concrete and interlocks. However, you may need to consider also, with rubber paving you dont need to remove your old surface, hence more saving on this.

Q. What surfaces I can have rubber paved on?
A. Typically any solid surface is OK to surface. You don’t need to remove your old asphalt or concrete surface to apply rubber paving over, which is considered additional cost saving.

Q. Can I use rubber surfacing for indoor flooring?
A. Yes you can, provided you have water drain under.

Q. How can I clean my rubber paved surface?
A. The best practice is by water jetting. You may also use any normal detergent provided its not oil based one.