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I have never been a fan of asphalt so I lived with a gravel driveway for over 26 years. Then I saw an ad for Atlantic Rubber Paving and I knew this was it, and, I had to pave my driveway with it. Ray and his Team were very professional and knowledgeable and that showed in the finished product. The curb appeal of my house has increased and the compliments keep coming. I am more than pleased with the results and would highly recommend ARP to anyone.
Sharon Davis-Murdoch
We chose decorative painting for our concrete driveway, walkways and front steps but after fifteen years they were badly in need of repair. We looked for solutions but the only options offered by numerous companies were to break up and replace our painted concrete with another less attractive surface. The mess, cost and look were prohibitive to say the least. Finally, we saw an add for ARP online. We loved the idea of a safe, attractive surface and instillation that did not require replacing anything. Instead, the beautiful, colorful surface could be laid over the concrete, including our front stairs and landing - and in only two days! We were delighted with the result. Friends, neighbors and passers by are full of compliments and can't wait to step on the bouncy surface that is a pleasure to feel underfoot.
Ray and his team are genuinely eager to show you what can be done with an environmentally useful product that will also be much safer for use in winter. They deliver on time and at a reasonable cost. We highly recommend ARP !
N. Wagdy
Our driveway was over 30 years old and started to show significant signs of wear, and chipping in certain areas. Needless to say some of the low spots in the driveway caused black ice patches, and risk of slipping.

After the application of ARP's recycled rubber, the surface has been beautiful to look at, and much safer in the winter and shoulder seasons.

Neighbours who would wave good morning started running over to us before we get in our car to find out what and how they can get this done to their driveways.

The job was completed on time, and without any recalls for service or patching. It really is a fantastic product and we would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to breath new life into their homes look, and improve safety.